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Sappy post

Segala kekurangan, semua kelemahan
Kau jadikan cinta.

I felt like Afgan wrote this song for people like me who are bad at expressing their feelings towards their loved ones. This song perfectly captures what I feel for my husband. I’m thankful for a husband who’s put up with a lot being with me but still is ever so patient. May Allah reward him.



Perhaps we are made to wait so that we could learn sabr to the specific thing we are waiting for and in general. Because what if, we get there, but it is not as we thought it to be, or what if it’s negative and we have to be patient in order to deal with it. What if it is a person and they turn out different than your expectations, or turn out to be a negative influence, or they.. die. Tawakkul and sabr would get us through that and if we continued being impatient, perhaps the hurt and harm would be significantly overwhelming.

Other half ❤


I’m ok. I’m gonna be ok. I’m gonna live a beautiful life and I’ll get to know beautiful people. I will create things of beauty and be surrounded by flowers. And I’ll love myself, and I’ll be soft, I’ll be kind. And I’ll be ok.



‘Alhamdulillah ala kulli haal’ – All praise and thanks are for Allah in all circumstances.


Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthāymeen رحمه الله said,

“Do not hate a thing which Allāh has chosen for you, certainly whatever Allāh has chosen for you has a great benefit which you do not know about.”

[Sharh Riyaadh as-Salīheen 3/309]

‎الحمد لله على كل حال


I’m no longer on bad terms w/ anyone. I’m declaring it. Dislike me by yourself. I wish you the best.

I am forever amazed at how whenever I am feeling things that are out of my limit, e.g when I am feeling too angry, more than I can bear or when I am feeling too sad, more than I can bear, I will always run across, or stumbled into ayahs from the Quran that can instantly soothe and comfort me. How amazing is that subhanAllah? I wasn’t even looking them up or searching for anything but they will come up and straight away my anger or my sadness would slowly start to seep away and I would realise that this dunya is nothing but heartbreak after another and just like that, just seeing the comfort that these ayahs give me, I straight away feels like I couldn’t care less. SubhanAllah. 

I really need to learn to filter away bad vibes. Ah, where was the ever non chalant Amira back then? I missed her terribly. 

Twinning with lil sis 💜👭